Don’t rush into the scene. If you rush into the scene you’ll rush out of the scene. If we look intently into our society, we will find out that many businesses and ministries started out fine and blossoming, but in a twinkle of an eye, they are no more.

Not because their business idea or calling into ministry is not genuine, but because they do not take out time to learn the nitty gritty of the business or the ministry.

Yes, you have received a business idea from GOD. Yes, you have received a calling into ministry from GOD. But GOD expects you to humble yourself and learn the system of operation from those that runs it before launching out…BE WISE…!!!

Raising a purpose~driven generation.



Learning is the bridge between success and failure. No matter what you are doing, there is someone that have done it successfully before, or done something similar to it successfully before. So, humble yourself and learn from them. GOD placed them there for you to learn from them. Meditate extensively on Jeremiah6:16.

It is following the steps of a giant that makes you a giant. If you closely observe the giants in the business or ministry or career you belong, and follow their footsteps, you will also become a giant in that business, ministry or career. Meditate extensively on Hebrews6:12

Therefore, humble yourself to learn what it takes to succeed in your field, from those that are successful in your field…BE WISE…!!!

Raising a purpose~driven generation.


No matter how anointed you are, if you don’t get trained, you will be irrelevant. Even JESUS, who was anointed without measure(John3:34-AMP), had to sit with teachers, listening to them and asking them questions(Luke2:46-AMP), thereby getting himself trained.

So many anointed, tongue-speaking people get turned down at interviews(and several other opportunities) due to lack of training. The interviewer is not interested in your tongue-speaking, but in what you have to offer.

If JESUS could get trained before launching out HIS ministry, then no matter the level of your anointing, you must get the training required to function in whatever business or ministry you want to do…BE WISE…!!!

Raising a purpose~driven generation.


It is training that turns a trash to a treasure. It is training that refines and unlock potentials.

No matter the potentials deposited in you, if you don’t get trained, it will remain crude and not needed by anyone.

It is training that turns a non-entity into major entity that the world sought after.

Therefore, refine your potentials. Get trained…BE WISE…!!!

Raising a purpose~driven generation.


May you never meet the person you are supposed to be~Pastor Olu Franklin.

A young man was created to be a business tycoon, and affect lives positively with the wealth he is to earn in business. But the fear of failure didn’t allow him to take steps. He kept asking himself; “What if I fail? What if it didn’t work out? He felt secure with the salary he earn from his job, so he chose to stick to his job.

After many years, he was invited to a banquet, where a lady that is much younger than his last child received a recognition award for doing same business he received a vision of doing many years ago, and for affecting many lives positively.

He began to say to himself; “this is the award I ought to receive, this is the business I had vision of doing, this is same way I am supposed to affect lives, this is the person I am supposed to be. But because I had the fear of failure, GOD raised someone else to be the person I am supposed to be.

I pray that in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, you will never meet the person you are supposed to be. But you have to take a step of faith and don’t allow the fear of failure rob you of your glorious future… BE WISE…!!!

Raising a purpose~driven generation.


Yes, you have a great dream, we agree. But what have you done about the great dream? What steps are you taking to see the great dream fulfilled?

Dreams don’t fulfill itself, neither does it get fulfilled by wishing, it is fulfilled by taking steps towards its fulfilment.

Therefore, start by taking small steps everyday. The combination of the small steps you take daily is what results in greatness…BE WISE…!!!

Raising a purpose~driven generation.

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