While they were worshiping the LORD and fasting, the Holy Spirit said; “Set apart for me Barnabas and Paul for the work to which I have called them~Acts13:2(English Standard Version)
  That the LORD told you that; “that is your wife” or “that is your husband” doesn’t mean it will automatically work. If both of you won’t take responsibility to make it work, it won’t work. So many GOD-ordained relationships have failed, not because they were not meant to be together, neither is it because they didn’t hear from GOD, but because they were not taking responsibilities to do the things that makes relationship work. Think of the example in the anchor scriptures, it was GOD that called Paul and Barnabas to work together, despite that, they broke up. They had great contentions, so great that they went their separate ways~Acts15:39. That is same way so many relationships and marriages GOD called have gone their separate ways.

  Therefore, do not fold your hands and expect things to work on its own accord, thinking because it is GOD that told you that he or she is your spouse things will work on its own. My dear, don’t be deceived, it won’t work like that. You have to take responsibility to make it work! GOD HIMSELF expects you to take responsibilities, which is a prove of your faith that you believe in the relationship, then GOD will be moved to help you make it work. The responsibility to make it work is not only that of the man, neither is it for the woman, it is a collective responsibility. When you are expecting your man(or woman) to take responsibility for everything in the relationship, he(or she) will soon get choked and begin to ask himself(or herself) if he(or she) actually heard GOD say you are the one, or he(or she) heard himself(or herself). The moment such thought begins to come is the beginning of the end of that relationship. So, don’t leave the responsibility to him(or her) alone, but determine to make it work!
  That is how far we will go on the relationship segment of Wisdom Bank, join us next weekend for the next relationship segment of Wisdom Bank. But go with this truth; WHEN GOD SPEAKS, HE EXPECTS YOU TO MOVE, WHICH IS A PROVE OF YOUR FAITH IN WHAT HE SAYS. SO, IF GOD SHOWS YOU YOUR SPOUSE, HE EXPECTS YOU TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITIES TO MAKE IT WORK. DO NOT BE LIKE PAUL AND BARNABAS THAT WENT THEIR SEPERATE WAYS…BE WISE…!!!

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